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Do what you can to help your poor postman.

By kroberts 22 Jun 2017

What shall I do about any letters or parcels that may come after I have moved out?

Before your contract ends, think about your mail. You need to arrange to have it redirected to your home address or your new address, so that you don't miss any mail that you are expecting.

If mail is sent to an address where the previous occupier no longer lives, the mail will be 'Returned to Sender'.

The University is unable to go to your room and get mail, allow you back into your term room to collect mail or to send mail on to you once you have moved out, but The Royal Mail do offer a redirection service.

You can call into any post office and ask about REDIRECTION OF MAIL and another service the Royal Mail offer, where they will keep your mail for a while so that you can collect it, or go to the website for information.


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