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DEC 7TH: Loyalty+ 12 Days of Christmas

By HallsExp 07 Dec 2017

Have you taken advantage of the Loyalty+ system? Well - time to reap those festive rewards!

Every day leading up to Christmas break, there is a special Loyalty+ deal on - make sure you're using Loyalty+ to get in on these Christmas presents.


7th DECEMBER REWARD: Free hot drink with a breakfast toastie in the VGM!

Head over to the VGM cafe for your breakfast today, make sure to use Loyalty+ as your payment - and you will get yourself a free hot drink with your order! So what're you waiting for? Start the day right at VGM with your Loyalty+!


Want to know what other offers are coming up?

Have a quick gander at the baubels below to find out what's coming up!


Want to find out more about the Loyalty+ system? Click here for a run down on how it works!