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Crown Place - Fire Safety Update

By sophiebk 10 Feb 2020

All Crown residents should have received an email about fire safety and a planned fire evacuation drill for Crown Place.

You will be aware that Crown Place has a ‘stay put’ policy, however we need to be prepared and practised for a full evacuation as this could be requested by Merseyside Fire and Rescue. 

There will therefore be planned evacuations of each area of Crown Place over the next three weeks.  You will be given 48 hours’ notice of when the planned evacuation of your block will be so that you can be prepared. This will be via an email, and we will also post reminders to the Crown Facebook group as well.

The email sent contains some important steps that need to be followed during the evacuation, so please make sure you have read and understood this. Your RA will also meet with you all before the evacuation drill to run through these steps and so you can ask any questions you might have.

 Support to evacuate:

Attached to the email was a letter which contains links to a short survey. This is so we can understand any individual assistance that may be needed to help people evacuate the building. Please make sure you complete this survey asap, even if this is to tell us that you are able to evacuate Crown Place without assistance. The Accommodation and Hall teams will then meet with people requiring or unsure if they require assistance to discuss this in further detail.

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