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COVID 19: Conduct in Halls

By sophiebk 19 Nov 2020

As you know, it’s very important to do all you can to reduce the risk of you and other people getting ill with COVID-19. You can spread the virus even if you do not have symptoms and although the vast majority of students are following the restrictions currently in place, we are aware of a number of recent incidents where this has not been the case.

See below an important reminder of policies and conduct we expect you to adhere to as a resident of University of Liverpool Halls.

Socialising inside your flat

The national restrictions currently in place mean that you can’t socialise indoors with people from outside your own household and this means you can’t invite friends over to socialise if you don’t live with them.  Much of the spread of coronavirus has happened in people’s homes and this is why the rules have to be tougher in private homes and there is also a higher penalty for taking part in house parties.

Please remember that you need to wear a face covering (unless you are exempt) in indoor settings and this includes in the lifts, corridors and stairwells. 

Currently, Residential Advisers (RAs) are having to spend a lot of time reminding students about these restrictions and the reasons why they are in place, and this can be difficult and frustrating for everyone. Each and every one of us has a responsibility to keep each other safe and to treat each other with respect, at all times. RAs have a responsibility to ensure that you are following these rules, in your own interests and those of the wider University and local community.

Meeting  people safely outside

You can now socialise with people from outside your household, so long as you are in an outdoor setting and there is no more than 6 of you. When around other people outside, you should maintain social distancing. We are aware that students are congregating in large groups at night and would remind you that this is not permitted under current guidelines.

Fines and sanctions

Please remember that we are currently in Tier 2, and these restrictions apply to everyone in Liverpool. The police and other enforcement officers have powers to issue penalty notices to those that don’t comply. This means that, if you fail to adhere to the rules, you might receive a police fine and this may increase if you break the rules again.

From a University perspective, putting others at risk is always unacceptable and, in keeping with government guidance, the University has the capacity to take disciplinary action under the existing Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline.

Where we become aware of a gathering, or plans for a gathering, which breach COVID-19 regulations we will issue a letter reminding you of the current guidance. This letter will be copied to your Head of Department and Student Experience Team Leader and a copy will sit on your file in case of subsequent breaches.  We may also take disciplinary action.

The vast majority of students are following the rules most of the time – please know that this is hugely appreciated and respected. Challenging as it is, we all know why these restrictions are in place, to stop the spread of the virus and to protect those who may be more vulnerable than you. The importance of this cannot be overstated.

It is only by all working together, that the virus can be kept under control. The three key steps we can take as individuals – wearing a face covering, regularly washing our hands, and maintaining a safe distance from anyone from another household – make an enormous difference.

Please continue to follow this advice, treat each other with respect and play your part in keeping everyone, especially those who are most vulnerable, safe and well. 

You can read more about COVID 19 guidance in Halls here.


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