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Continuing Education Saturdays

By CLLteam 13 Nov 2017

Our Saturday courses offer the perfect opportunity to learn about a subject that is close to your heart in just one day. Our first CE Saturday of this academic year will take place on the 18 November and we have a variety of courses for you to choose from. 

We have The Northern Artists, Catullus and His Poetry, Dante's Divine Comedy: Purgatorio, Courting the King: Factionalism at the Heart of Tudor Government, Shakespeare on the Couch: The Merchant of Venice and Philosophy of Education: The Search for Knowledge & Love of Wisdom. So why not try out a CE Saturday?

With lunch and refreshments (morning only) - and with limited places available for a £15 admin charge on viable courses. This is the perfect opportunity to spend a day learning at your leisure. 

To browse and book a course click here