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Collecting your Left Belongings

By sophiebk 27 May 2020

Following changes to the government's guidelines, if you are a student who left student accommodation in England you can now travel to recover your belongings, providing you continue to avoid public transport wherever possible and follow the latest travel and social distancing guidance of the nation where you are currently residing. 

We currently still have staff, students and NHS workers on site and it is therefore essential to ensure the safety of all that you do not travel to halls without following the correct procedure. When on site, you must observe the 2-metre distance rule at all times.

Please follow the below steps to collect your belongings:

Prior to Collection

  1. Book a collection time slot online herehttps://kxregistration.kineticsoftware.com/universityofliverpool 
  2. Await confirmation of return email which will provide you with an allocated collection time slot – please note this may not be the exact time you chose but will be as close to your arrival time as possible. 
  3. You will be allocated a 2 hour time slot to limit the amount of time visitors on site for the safety of all students and staff.


  • You are permitted to bring a maximum of one person, who (given the current guidelines) must be from the household in which you are residing, to help collect your belongings from accommodation.
  • Upon arrival report to reception where you can collect your temporary key card. If you need to collect keys for Melville Grove or Tudor Close, please note that this will be Vine Court.
  • On your collection date to ensure we can adhere to the social distancing guidelines please only arrive at your allocated time.
  • Please pack up as and load items into your departure vehicle in as fewer trips as possible 
  • Only 1 person in a lift at one time.
  • Keep a safe distance when in shared areas i.e. kitchens/corridors/stairwells and entrance lobbies.
  • Trollies will be located near to your halls reception – please ensure your trolly is cleaned before and after use - a cleaning station will be available for you to clean the trollies. 

Once your room is emptied and your belongings are loaded into your vehicle please drop off your key card and to the allocated drop box in reception. Please note for Melville Grove and Tudor Close this will be Vine Court.

After you have dropped off your keys and key cards please email reception a confirmation that you have departed from site. 

If you can’t collect your belongings

The University recognises that collecting belongings may be challenging for some students, particularly those who may have returned to their homes overseas. If you are currently unable to return to the University due to travel restrictions, either in the UK or in your home country, please contact the accommodation (hallsres@liverpool.ac.uk) team directly so that appropriate arrangements can be made. In cases where belongings cannot be collected before the start of the new academic year, we will pack any personal items safely and sensitively and ensure items are stored appropriately in preparation for collection at a later date. Before this decision we will make contact with you to discuss this process.

Thank You for your co-operation.

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