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Cleaning Services at Vine Court...what to know

By VineCourt 27 Oct 2016

Want to know more about your cleaning services?


At Vine Court your Domestic Assistant will attend at least 3 times a week to carry out the service in your communal areas between 8am and 1pm, this will include;


  • Surface wipe & santise worktops/other surfaces
  • Hob & Oven clean (weekly)
  • Microwave clean
  • Sinks & draining racks clean
  • Hoover/Mop Floors


Your Domestic Assistant will not wash or put away your dishes – this is your responsibility!  In order to help keep your living and kitchen areas tidy and clean, it is helpful if you can ensure all clothes and shoes are kept in your room. Please do not allow washing up to build as this prevents your Domestic Assistant carrying out their duties.  


Please introduce yourself to your Domestic Assistant when you see them, they’re with you for the entire year and this will enhance your experience of staying in halls.


If you have a social gathering, we understand that you may not feel like cleaning up straight away, however we do ask you ensure it is cleared away within 24 hours.


Bins & Rubbish


Your bins will be emptied regularly through the week by another member of our Hall Assistant team.

Please make sure you put your rubbish in the right bin, especially ensuring broken glass goes in the box provided. If your bins are full then please use the main bins located outside in each courtyard.


What is the Cleanliness Guidance Process?


Here at Vine Court if your living and kitchens areas become unacceptable, your Domestic Assistant will not carry out their service and your Residential Advisor will attend to give you 24 hours to get together clean up so we can resume usual services the next day.


If the areas are in no better condition, a warning will be issued by letter/email to all residents by the management team, you will have a further 24 hours to react.


Persistent issues with cleanliness will lead to further action which may include referral to the Warden for disciplinary action, a cleaning rota or limiting access to your kitchen after 21.00.


Please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff should you have any queries about our Cleaning Service.