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Checking Out - Dover Court

By HallsLife 21 May 2018

The time is nearly here for some of you to say goodbye to Dover Court. We’ve had a ball and hope you have too!

Please check with reception / Accommodation office on your correct departure date.
In order for your departure to be as smooth as possible, please read through the following information so you know what you need to do.

Prior to Your Departure

Before you hand in your keys and say your goodbyes, we need you to do a few things for us. First and foremost, your room and bathroom needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Rubbish needs to be removed and put into the bins or skips in the courtyards.

Don’t forget to take your belongings from your kitchen too!

Deposit Deductions

In order to receive your full deposit back, please follow the guidelines above. Your room must be cleaned to a reasonable standard, be empty of rubbish and no damage found. Before we charge for damage, we always check against the Room Inventory you filled in at check in.A full list of cleaning and damage charges can be found on our website: You should receive your deposit back from the University of Liverpool within 6 weeks from the end date of your contract (not the date you check out).

Leave Liverpool Tidy

Items such as clothing/shoes/equipment that you don’t want to take can be bagged up in the ‘Keep Liverpool Tidy’ bags and dropped off at reception. These will be recycled or donated to charity for you. Bags and Leaflets should be in your communal kitchens; if you need more bags just pop down to reception. to find out more click here.

Left Belongings

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have removed all belongings from your bedroom and communal area. Personal items of high value found in your bedroom (ie passport, driving licence, laptop etc) will be documented and stored for a period of 28 days. You will be contacted by phone and email to notify you of any items that we have found.
Items that do not fall into this category (clothes, shoes, dvd’s, books etc) will be donated to charities or recycled. Items such as toiletries and pharmaceuticals will be disposed of.
The full policy can be found on our website: 

Checking Out

By now you’ve cleaned your room, donated your items, cooked your last meal, said a tearful farewell to your flatmates, and closed your bedroom door for the final time. All that is left to do is hand in your room access fob and post box key to reception and sign out. We need to know when you are gone to avoid any confusion over items in rooms so do come and say goodbye to us before you go!

And finally, don’t forget to change your address on websites such as Amazon and with your bank. We will hold post and parcels that come in for you for 1 month after you check out. Following this, we will return the items to sender.

On behalf of all the team at Dover Court, we would like to wish you the best of luck in your academic career at the University of Liverpool, and sincerely hope that your time in Dover Court has been as memorable for you as you have made it for us!

Dover Court Management Team