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Carnatic Cycle Club

By eknowles 09 Mar 2017

Cycle Club launches at Carnatic Student Village

Carnatic Student Village is hosting a weekly Cycle Club every Monday evening 7pm to 9pm, helping you fix your bike and answer any cycle related questions.

Located in the garage in McNair car park the Club is operating a DIY cycle workshop where students and staff can bring their bikes along to learn more about how they work, how to maintain them, and how to fix them.

This is a DIY workshop where you will learn to fix your own bicycle. No experience of using tools is necessary as there will be somebody on hand to explain how to use the tools, how to identify problems within the bicycle and how to fix them.  This Club doesn’t sell parts but can advise on the part you need and where to get it from.  They can then also assist with the installation/repair of the part(s) and do a final check to ensure that the repairs have been done correctly.

As well as helping with maintenance and repairs advice, they will also have information on where to get second hand cycles and recommended cycle routes. Eventually they hope to organise group rides and provide things like maintenance training courses, plus whatever else people suggest might be helpful, so let them know if there’s something in particular you want to see. As the weather gets warmer (and the garage gets more bearable) a series of courses will be run so watch this space for more information!

The Club also has a number of bicycles for students to borrow for temporary use and for booking out for group rides.

For more information please contact:

RA Rory, Luke (07985116781), or speak to your RA or Carnatic Reception.