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Campus Students - Vote for your HSC

By sophiebk 29 Oct 2018

This Wednesday voting will open to all students to confirm your HSC for the year.

The HSC is made up of other students living in your accommodation who volunteer their time to help make sure your voices are heard and you have the best possible experience in halls.

You will be asked vote on whether or not you are happy for the current committee to represent you. To help you do this the HSCs have written a manifesto to outline details of what they plan to do to this year – from making changes in halls to exciting trips and events.

The link to vote will be sent to you on Wednesday - please take the time to read over their manifesto before then and make sure you're following your halls Facebook for updates.

Crown Place

Manifesto / Facebook Group

Dover Court

Manifesto / Facebook Group

Melville Grove

Manifesto / Facebook Group

Philharmonic Court

Manifesto / Facebook Group

Tudor Close

Manifesto to follow. Facebook Group

Vine Court

UG Manifesto / PG Manifesto / Facebook Group