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Call it Out - Bystander Intervention

By hughero 02 Feb 2019

Did you know that 68% of women students across the UK have been the victim of sexual harassment at University?

Sexual harassment and assault can include unwanted groping, pinching or smacking of your body, uninvited kisses or bodily contact – but it isn’t just physical. Wolf-whistling and catcalling, inappropriate sexual comments, sexually-based insults, jokes, songs or taunts are also included – it’s any type of this behaviour which makes someone feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, it’s not just women who can experience this – and harassment isn’t only sexual or gendered. Work by Universities UK has found evidence of a serious culture of harassment on UK campuses. One in five LGB and one in three Trans students have reported being harassed at university.

Liverpool Guild of Students says enough is enough – which is why they've launched their Call It Out campaign to draw attention to, and tackle, all forms of harassment and abuse on campus.

You can find out more about the campaign here. 

The Guild are holding Bystander Intervention training sessions to help students feel empowered to step into a situation. There will be a session running on Monday 4th February and Thursday 14th February


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