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Blackwell’s Liverpool Campus Bookshop

By kroberts 22 Mar 2017

Blackwell’s Liverpool Campus Bookshop has recently relocated to exciting new premises at Crown Place, sandwiched between Santander and Subway.

As well as boasting a more spacious and modern feel, the shop now has a Cafe Nero coffee shop concession, bringing together two much loved and well suited partners; books and coffee.

We work closely with lecturers and university departments to ensure we’re selling the correct books and the most recent editions, but as well as academic texts we also stock a wide and competitively priced variety of stationery, gifts and non-academic books.

We also have a number of offers for students that you can take advantage of; our price match guarantee, second hand buy back offer, and our free e-book offer.

Here are more details about the offers at Blackwell's for students...

Student Price Match Guarantee

We opened in September 2016 with our most popular student offer yet; the ‘Student Price Match Guarantee’. This is our most competitive offer, ensuring we’re the cheapest around for students to get their key textbooks. If you see your textbook cheaper at Waterstones, WH Smith or Amazon (sold by Amazon, not a third party seller) then simply show us on your phone and we will price match it in store for you!


'Second Hand Buy Back’

This is one of our most well loved offers, yet many people know very little about it. We tend to put out a big push toward the end of Second Semester for titles we’d like to buy back; again, we work with Lecturers and University Departments to ensure that we’re only buying back the relevant textbooks, to avoid students purchasing the incorrect titles second hand and being stuck with irrelevantbooks.

We will buy these back in 2 ways; up to 33% of the current RRP back onto your Debit Card. Secondly, if you’ll be using the money to buy next Semester’s books, it’s worth taking advantage of the second option; up to 40% of the current RRP back on to a Blackwell’s Gift card, which can be used to purchase any of the products we sell in store.

Blackwell’s Free eBook offer

Did you know we've got a free e-book offer on at the moment too to coincide with Academic Book Week 2017? Students from the University of Liverpool can download a free eBook each week between now and the end of term. 

You can download your free eBook regardless of whether you are buying an item in the Blackwell’s shop or not. To access the offer, visit the on-campus Blackwell’s shop and speak to a member of staff about the deal. You will then be given an access code, which you can use to download the book for a week.

The free eBook will be available for students to download on Blackwell’s Learning Platform, a free-to-access digital reading platform.

Upcoming free eBook titles are:


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