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Awkward things that happen when making friends

By HallsExp 01 Sep 2017

So, you're starting university, and you're absolutely terrified about the unknown.

You get the invites to 2000 parties hosted by societies you half-drunkenly signed up to on the Fresher's Fair. And, through all the anxiousness, you manage to find yourself at one of them. What's the worst that could happen, right? Well... 


  • Being the first to arrive at the party. And then you just have to stand there. On your own. Top tip - 10pm always means 11. At least.
    awkward pulp fiction john travolta
  • Sitting in awkwardly and silently on conversations you literally have nothing to contribute to. "So then I said, that's not the Gobe desert Sharon, that's the Sahara desert" *insert simultaneous fake laugh and eye roll here* Dire.
    smile awkward new girl zooey deschanel jess day
  • Finally mustering up the courage to say something, 20 minutes after the conversation ended. NAILED IT. Shame about the 20 minutes of pure overthinking though.
    life daniel radcliffe i tried trying tried
  • When that one really cool and confident person arrives. They walk in, hair blowing in a non-existent breeze, glitter magically falling around them and the whole room lights up. In that moment you decide it necessary to model your entire life after them.
    love movie funny cute smile
  • Being friendly will get misconstrued as flirting. You know things are going bad if you have to pull out the "it's not you, it's me" card within 5 minutes of meeting someone.
    flirting skin story of my life medical school premed
  • Timing your laughter to coincide with everyone else's when you've zoned out of the conversationDon't worry - they're definitely not laughing at you... right?miley cyrus awkward smile awkward smile
  • You savor one-on-one time to form real friendships. But, suddenly, you forget how to even speak and the only thing the other person can muster up is "nice weather we're having". It's raining.
    awkward bus scott pilgrim scott pilgrim vs the world
  • When someone says something you wholeheartedly disagree with, but you couldn't possible say. "No Sharon, I'm sorry, but Celebrity Big Brother is nothing without Kim Woodburn" - god forbid.
    awkward yikes lauren conrad cringe eric andre show
  • Something awkward happens between you and your new friend and you decide to make a joke of it. And guess what kiddo? It's too soon. And now you're in the doghouse. 10/10.
    michael scott the office awkward fake smile steve carrell
  • Despite having spent the week hanging out - you'll forget your friend's name. "Wait, so your name isn't Sharon!?"
    Image result for forgotten name gif

BUT DON'T PANIC. These are the things that you look back on after your years in university and absolutely cherish. You will survive, rather happily, and find your circle. After all, they're all feeling the exact same way all over the country!