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Accommodation - Your Liverpool Life Portal

By HallsExp 23 Aug 2017

You can now manage your accommodation online!!

Through your Liverpool Life Portal you can manage various aspects of your accommodation!

From viewing and accepting your room offer to completing your room inventory or requesting a room move!


The Accommodation Portal 

The Accommodation section of your Liverpool Life Portal provides information for both the current and the next academic year. Please ensure that you select the correct year for important pre-arrival information, messages and requests.


Accepting your Accommodation Offer

Accepting your accommodation contract is easy!

Students are notified of their room offer via email and you will need to login to the Liverpool Life Portal to respond to this room offer.

There will be a deadline for when students must respond to the offer. Once you receive the offer email, the response deadline will be outlined in the document attached to the offer email.

Students accept their room offer and accommodation contract online. Therefore once you click 'accept' you are entering into the Accommodation Contract 

Please consider your options carefully before your accept a room offer.Your room offer is an accommodation contract with the University and is legally binding.

Students are given 7 working days from accepting the room offer where this can be cancelled and the booking fee can be refunded.

Once these 7 working days have passed, the student is legally bound to the accommodation agreement for the room.





Requesting an Early Departure

Students accept their accommodation contract via the Liverpool Life Portal when clicking to accept their room offer. Students are given 7 working days from accepting the room offer where this can be cancelled and the booking fee can be refunded. Once these 7 working days have passed, the student is legally bound to the accommodation agreement/contract for the room.

If you are seeking to terminate your accommodation agreement/contract, you must place a Contract Termination Request via your Liverpool Life Portal to officially notify the Accommodation Team.  Please note however that this on ONLY a request and does not automatically release you from your contract.

Click here to see the Termination Guide, which gives you further information. 





Reporting a Maintenance Issue

Our halls management team work hard to ensure that the facilities at your halls are in good working order.

If you experience a maintenance issue, please ensure that you report this as soon as possible using this request form. You can categorise your repair request and this will help the team look into the issue for you.







Checking Your Inventory

When you first arrive in your room, it is important that you check the items and facilities there and complete your inventory accurately. You can complete this using your Liverpool Life portal.

This is to make sure that there is an accurate record of the condition and contents of your room as you move into it. If you fail to complete the Inventory you will be assumes responsible for any missing items/damages to your room and further charges could incur. 




Open Halls Summer Stay

Your accommodation contract will be for 39-weeks (1st years) or 42-weeks (returning undergraduates) and you will be requireed to depart from your hall on the specified date. 

If you are staying in Liverpool during the Summer and you know that you will need accommodation during this period you can request an Open Halls Summer Stay via your Liverpool Life Portal.

Summer Stay accommodation is usually located in one of our City Campus Halls of Residence. Students are charged for their summer accommodation on a nightly basis for the room. Therefore when making your request you will need to clearly state your Arrival Date and Departure Date. 

If your friends also request  Summer Stay, the Accommodation Team will try to house you together as a group if you notify  them - keeping you close to the libraries and academic departments. 



Joining the Room Move Waiting List 

We hope that you are happy in your University room and have a fantastic time making new friends.

If there is an alternative room that you would prefer, you can request to be placed on our room move waiting list.

We cannot guarantee that the room type you nominate will become available - but if it does the Accommodation team will contact you to discuss your options. Please ensure the Accommodation Team are aware of your current contact telephone number and email address.





Review all Requests

You can review all of the requests that you have previously submitted along with any status changes. If you change your mind about a request you have made, please use the blue buttons on the right hand side to cancel any requests.


Hopefully this has provided you with all the information you need!

Don't forget to keep up to date with all that's happening by checking out our Hallslife, Facebook and Twitter pages!