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Accommodation FAQs

By sophiebk 13 Aug 2019

How Will I Get My Room Offer?

We will email you to let you know your room offer and you then have 24 hours to accept this offer. You will not find out your exact room number until early September. 

How Do I Accept my Room Offer?

To secure your accommodation you must sign the tenancy agreement by accepting your room offer and agreeing to the terms and conditions via your Liverpool Life Portal.  Please remember that by signing your contract you agree to occupy the room for your full contract length, as detailed in your agreement.
You are given 24 hours in which to accept a room offer.  When room offers expire the accommodation application is closed and the room is offered to another student.

How do I pay my Booking Fee?

You are required to pay a £150 Booking Fee once you have accepted your room offer. Once you’ve moved in, this booking fee becomes the damage deposit which is fully refundable at the end of the contract providing that there no damages/cleaning charges against the room.
You can pay the booking fee via your Liverpool Life Portal. You will receive a Confirmation Receipt via email with a Payment Reference Code to confirm that your payment was successful. If you experience difficulties please do not attempt to pay the booking fee twice within a 48 hour window, as this can result in a duplicate payment.

If you're happy with your room, have accepted your offer and paid your booking fee then you're good to go and start exploring Accommodation at Liverpool!

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See below for advice on what to do if you want to make changes:

I didn't get any of my room preferences

We can’t guarantee that students will receive a room offer for one of the 3 preferences listed on their application. If you are sent a room offer that is not one of the preferences you listed you can accept the offer and then place a room move request (see below for more info). We cannot guarantee you will get a room move.

I want to request a Room Move.

A Room Move Request can only be placed once you’ve accepted your initial room offer. This means that if we can’t find you an alternative you will still be liable to the room and accommodation fees. Once you’ve placed a Room Move Request you’ll be moved rooms as soon as an alternative room becomes available either before the contract start date or throughout the academic year.

I've paid my booking fee and accepted my offer, but I've changed my mind.

You are given 7 working days from accepting the room offer where this can be cancelled and the booking fee can be refunded. Once these 7 working days have passed, you are legally bound to the accommodation agreement for the room and the £150 Booking Fee will not be refunded. To request to cancel your booking, please contact who wish to look for private sector accommodation options should contact Liverpool Student Homes for assistance. This is the University’s department for finding accommodation in the private sector.

 My Room Offer has expired 

You are given 24 hours in which to accept a room offer.  When room offers expire the accommodation application is closed and the room is offered to another student. If you would like your accommodation application re-enabled you must contact the Accommodation Office ( Please note that there is then no guarantee that the Accommodation Office will be able to send a second room offer or that it will be the same room type/location.

We hope this information helps. You can call the Accommodation Hotline on 0151 795 0319 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm) or visit the Accommodation Webpages for more support if you need it.