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9 Awkward social media moments we all know

By HallsExp 12 Nov 2017

We're all guilty of it, spending hours on end on our phones, sending messages, taking photos and sharing most of our lives on social media 

But have you committed one of the most embarrassing fails social media has ever seen? Here are just a few you might be familiar with... 

  1. The morning after the Snapchat story
      gif meme memes computer GIF
    Hey, maybe flailing around a dance floor to Dancing In The Moonlight for all of Snapchat to see is a good look? Or maybe not, but hey - lesson learnt... right?

  2. Flirty fail
     reaction shocked jim carrey yikes cringe GIF
    There's no feeling quite like sending a particularly flirtatious Snapchat to the wrong person - honestly. Whether it be your friend, sibling or even a stranger - the existential dread is r e a l.

  3. No meme, no self-esteem
      gif meme time memes GIF
    It's half five in the evening, and your best friend still hasn't tagged you in a single dog meme. Is this was loneliness feels like?

  4. The ultimate betrayal
     funny animation animated confused excuse me GIF
    So now it's 6.03pm, your best friend has tagged someone else is a dog meme, and you're starting to understand the very foundations of Beyonce's Lemonade album.

  5. You, fraudster!
    RealityTVGIFs kim kardashian keeping up with the kardashians realitytvgifs kuwtk GIF
    Trying to win back their attention, you try tagging them in your favorite 2 minute meme compilation. They like your comment after about 5 seconds. At least pretend you're watching, Sharon.

  6. The dreaded "Seen at..."
     swag kid diva sassy fierce GIF
    Oh, I'm sorry, is this The Sixth Sense? Because I didn't think I'd be getting ghosted tonight. Where's Haley Joel Osment? Brutal

  7. The misguided screenshot
     how i met your mother single neil patrick harris barney stinson self love GIF
    Let me set the scene, you're arguing with Sharon and she says something so annoyingly dumb you just have to show your friends. You screenshot and send it - to Sharon. Yep. That's right. You've sent it to Sharon. Automatically, you've lost this argument. Walk it off, fam.

  8. The Snapchat stalker
     spider man creep stalker spying GIF
    When you receive a screenshot of your Snapmap location with a question about why or where you are. Take a hint from moment number 6, and get on ghost mode.

  9. That mutual support
     win GIF
    No matter what sticky social media situation, you and your clique have that unspoken rule - all social media activity will be backed 100%. Even if the meme rivers do happen to run dry here and there.

How many of these have happened to you? Whether you love it or hate it, you can't doubt that we'd be pretty lost without social media!