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10 things students can be thankful for

By HallsLife 01 Nov 2017

As a student, you might end up taking your lifestyle for granted

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are just a few things you should be thankful for: 

  1. Student discount
    10 or 20% off in most shops certainly adds up! Make the most of it now as you'll miss it when you don't have that student ID card to flash at the till!
     today bottle discount bin verdict GIF

  2. Free stuff
    It's not just Freshers' Fair where you can pick up freebies, look out for open days, activities and events that you can attend for FREE!
    Equipe de France de Football equipe de france allez les bleues allezlesbleues excite GIF

  3. Wearing pyjamas at any time of the day
    Whether it's actually nighttime and you're off to bed or if it's 4pm and you've popped to the shop, no one bats an eyelid! 
    Big Brother UK big brother celebrity jumping cbb GIF

  4. Going out on a school night
    Every day is practically a weekend as a student. You can go out through the week and not have to face the consequences of a full-time job! 
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  5. Filters
    Feeling and looking a bit rough after a night out? There's nothing that a quick Instagram filter won't fix!
      filter GIF

  6. Technology
    Need the answer to a question? Google it. Want to find your mates? Check Snapmap. Need a taxi? Use an app. Is there anything your phone can't do?!
     fail old technology camera oops GIF

  7. Time off
    With around 3 months off over summer and at least a month off for Christmas, you'll never get that amount of days off again after you graduate.
     spring break GIF

  8. Instant food
    Can't be bothered to cook your dinner or fancy a snack in the middle of the night? Gourmet meals can be cooked in minutes in the microwave and no one's going to judge you if you're on your 5th Pot Noodle of the day.
     food hungry dinner lunch microwave GIF

  9. Netflix
    You don't ever have to be bored! With thousands of films and series available, you can binge-watch to your heart's content. 
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  10. Living in halls
    All your bills are included in your rent, there's 24-hour security, there are people you can talk to if you ever need help or advice and if something's broken, someone else will come and fix it! Easy!
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Student life doesn't last forever so make the most of it!