The secret to being the GREATEST housemate ever

By BzAimee 12 Sep 2016

Well, it's not really a secret but...

Don't be THAT guy (or girl) who continuously tests the patience of everyone in your house or flat!

It's going to be everyone's home for the next year so it's important everyone feels like it's their home.

Here are some wise words of undisputed wisdom...

  • Lots of people are in the same boat as you. Don't just sit in your room feeling sorry for yourself. Make an effort to go out and meet some new people- but remember to give them their space when they need it too.
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  • The most common source of annoyance = washing up. Get a rota sorted asap so it's not the same person doing it day after day!
  • Don't just help yourself to a housemate's tea and biscuits, drink their beer or eat their pasta if you haven't all agreed to share your food and drink - it won't go unnoticed!
    cat caught sneaky not me who, me?
  • Not everybody likes the same music as you. Try to keep your sound down when playing music or wear headphones if you have them. 
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  • If you can see a conflict brewing (dirty dish related or otherwise), bring it up with your housemates and discuss it before it gets out of hand.
    Saturday Night Live angry snl drake mad

When it comes to getting on with housemates, little gestures can go a long way.

Things like taking out the bins when they're full, keeping your area of the kitchen tidy, and respecting that after 9pm you should probably keep the noise down.

Following these words of wisdom should make for happy housemates, and hopefully, good friendships.

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