Planning a night out? Do it right!

By BzAimee 01 Nov 2016

The nights are drawing in so it's important that when you're heading out to be extra careful...

So, wherever you are in the world, always remember to take care of yourself!

Here are our top 10 tips for staying safe when you hit the town...

  1. Make sure you line your stomach before you go out if you're planning on drinking alcohol. You don't want to be the one that has to head home super early!
  2. If you're travelling at night it's always safest to travel with your friends or in a group...plus it's more fun, all aboard the banter bus! 
  3. It's always handy to save a few local taxi numbers and book in advance to save yourself hanging around in the freezing cold because you didn't want to bring a jacket. 
  4. Make sure the cab you get is licensed before you get in. 
  5. If you have a bag, make sure it has a zip or that the clasp is facing inwards so you're not an easy target when you're throwing some shapes.
  6. Don't let strangers follow you past your halls gates. It wouldn't seem normal if a randomer walked in if you were back home.
  7. Even if you're really skint don't accept drinks from strangers or start sipping on a drink you think is yours that's been left for ages - you don't know what could be lurking in there.
  8. If you need to go to the cash machine make sure you are in a busy, lit up area preferably with a mate next to you.
  9. Drink water in-between alcohol, you'll be grateful for the added hydration in the morning!
  10. Before all that, make sure you bring your ID or you won't be getting very far!

Following these tips means you can go out stress-free, and wake up the next morning with your wallet, phone, keys and dignity still intact! 

Now go have fun and enjoy the weekend!


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