Exam hacks: Tips to boost your grade

By browzerbeckett 10 Jan 2017

You've revised every topic three times over and feel ready and confident to tackle your exams - great!

But don't forget, there are key things you can do in your exam to give your grade that extra boost- that are easy to forget!

Here are some to keep in mind, to stop you from losing those easy marks that you're well capable of getting!

Always check the mark scheme

Make sure you know how to get all the marks you need. If there are four marks available then the mark scheme will probably require four key points. But, do check the mark scheme beforehand, just in case, to give yourself the best chance.

Plan to succeed

Read all questions on your exam carefully and work out which you are going to answer and in what order. Then, plan your time by balancing the time for each question with how many marks the question is worth. Make sure you stick to your plan so you don't run out of time or miss questions that might contain easy marks. (Don’t forget to save time to review your answers!)

Do the easiest question first

Play to your strengths by answering the questions you are most confident with first and don't be tempted by a subject just because it's the one you know the most about, it might be a really tough question! Make sure you’re sure you can do it first by reading the question thoroughly.

Answer the question

This may sound obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people make the mistake of writing everything they know about a topic but not answering the question in the right way. Write down what the question is asking about specifically and look out for the adjectives telling you how to answer the question. Do you need to Describe? Analyse? List?

If you're stuck, move on

You haven't got time for writer’s block in exams. If you get stuck simply move on and start another question, and come back to it later. Your mind will have had more time to process the question and things may suddenly become a lot clearer.

Maximise marks when running out of time

Don’t write more than you need. You're not writing a novel, so, be concise and use bullet points unless the questions ask otherwise. If at the end of the exam you have two questions left but only time for one, it’s advisable to do the first half of both of them as you gain marks faster at the start of a question than at the end.

Check your work

Never leave the exam early, there is always something you can do to improve your answers. Check what you’ve written over and over to make sure you’ve explained everything in full and that you’ve not made any mistakes. It’s also worth checking the that there is not a question on the back of the exam paper that you missed.

Stay hydrated

Your body and mind will function better if you keep toped up with water, so take a clear bottle of it into the exam with you to keep refreshed and focused throughout!

Good luck!


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