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You know you're a student when...

By bzbeth 15 Oct 2018

Being a student should be one of the best times of your life...

That's why we have World Student Day so that you can celebrate how amazing it is! 

  1. Spending all day in your PJs is acceptable
    We've all had those days where getting dressed just won't cut it unless you count going to the door to collect your takeaway at 4pm.

    SpongeBob SquarePants spongebob squarepants season 9 episode 2 lazy GIF
  2. You're really poor but still manage to afford a night out
    There are different levels of poor and depending on where you sit on the scale, you can sometimes risk a night out. If there's anything you learn at uni then it's how to be tight with your cash...

     shaquille oneal GIF
  3. You see people doing the Walk of Shame on your way to a 9am lecture
    Yes, we see you guys with your head down and girls with heels in hand. And if you haven't seen anyone doing it yet, that may just mean that you are the one doing it!

     cat bag shame embarrassed tom and jerry GIF
  4. Your halls fire alarm has woken you up at least 7 times
    Don't you just love when someone comes back from a night out and decides to make food then falls asleep and totally forgets about it so you have to go outside at 3am? PLEASE don't be that person!

    Veep HBO hbo tired morning veep GIF
  5. You make random games when you're bored/hungover
    Sometimes you need to release your inner child and lay your duvets on the floor and play the floor is lava or see how many things you can balance on your head, right?

    Cheezburger kids lava the floor is lava GIF
  6. Your diet sometimes consists of potato waffles and spaghetti hoops
    Oh, and what a brilliant invention they are! As mentioned earlier, this is the lowest level of poor but you can manage on this diet for a while if you stick to supermarket basics. 

     john travolta poor confused travolta wallet tax day GIF
  7. When you're doing group work and one person does absolutely nothing but still scrapes a 2:1
    Is that person you? On behalf of everybody - you're VERY annoying. 

    Mashable gif reaction meme reactions GIF
  8. Naps are life!
    It's always the time you sit down to write an essay that Instagram has some of the funniest memes you've ever seen and your WhatsApp group chat is lit. Once all that has tired you out, it's time for a nap.

     school tired kim kardashian sleepy kim GIF
  9. You've met your best friend, who for some stupid reason lived miles away from you all this time
    The people you meet at university are meant to be your friends for life and that is one of the best things about being a student. If you haven't met your BFF yet, don't worry you have 3 years to find them. 

    Cheezburger lol laugh laughing twins GIF
  10. You struggle to balance your studies, job, social life and much more...
    Nobody said it was easy but students are hard to crack so you always battle your way through it and get on with it whether you have a breakdown or not. If nobody saw, it didn't happen.

     spongebob squarepants spongebob cleaning spongebobsquarepants GIF

How will you spend World Student Day? Whatever you do, enjoy it and make the most of your student community here!

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