Try something new in Leicester

By ahenry 18 Sep 2015

Hopefully you've already checked out our city guide...

Here are a few things we couldn't fit in but are definitely worth checking out, off-campus and in town...


Leicester has loads of galleries and museums. The list keeps growing, as Leicester aims to become the UK City of Culture 2017.


As you'd expect, Leicester has all the chains - from fast food favourites to high street Italians. But it's worth making an effort to try something a bit different. Leicester has a wide range of independent restaurants serving up food from across the globe - from Kurdistan to Nepal - but is particularly famous for its Indian fare. 

Visit Leicester has a long list of the best places to get some global grub here.


Had a long day taking in the sights and sounds of Leicester and fancy unwinding with a drink or two? Leicester has plenty of bars and pubs to choose from! As with food, all the usual suspects - here are a few alternative ideas...

  • Basement Bar - A cocktail bar with alternative music nights and more.
  • Cafe Bruxelles - Famous for its ceiling(!) this bar and restaurant has a vast array of strong, tasty Belgian beers to try.  

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