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Step out and Explore Leicester!

By Oli 08 Oct 2018

So you’ve just about managed to unpack your room and your parents are encouraging you to get to know the local area better. “After all, you’re going to be there for 3 years,” they say. Well, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of the best ways to get around Oadby, the university campus and Leicester! 

Oadby Town Centre  
If you’re living in Oadby Student Village, Oadby town centre is full of useful places. There’s an Asda, post office, shops, cafes, a pharmacy and Urgent Care centre. Oadby town centre is around a 15 minutes from Oadby Student Village Reception and is an easy route. If you’re living in the Pavilions or Gilbert Murray Houses, you can shave off a few minutes by going through the Lasdun underpass by the Village Hub. 

Botanic Gardens  
To reach the university’s botanic gardens, you’ll need to go onto the other side of Beaumont Hall in Oadby and enter into the grounds of a house called the Knoll. While no students live there, it’s claimed by some that the Knoll is haunted! 

City Centre  
Coming from central campus or Oadby? Definitely the easiest way to reach the city centre is by following New Walk: a walkway that’s been free of traffic for over 200 years! 

To avoid the steps up from Morrisons to Nixon Court, trying going round the other way! It’s a lot easier to carry your shopping up a small slope, rather than swinging it up those stairs. 

There’s far less inclines if you walk through campus and past De Montfort Hall, rather than along university road. 

It will take time to get to know your way around, but that’s the exciting part of exploring a new city! If you’re not sure where you need to be going, don’t worry. 

Use our useful map that shows you the best routes to campus and the city centre and more. Don’t forget, you can always ask someone if you need directions.  

Found any more easy/safe walking routes? Let us know! 

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Oli is a UOL Student and Customer Service Adviser for the Accommodation Team.
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