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Leicester Freshers' Common Myths

By Oli 27 Aug 2018

University starts in just a few weeks time, and you've heard so many rumours from your relatives and friends about university life. They'll tell you about the people you'll meet, the amount of money you're about to spend or anything else that might cast a doubt! Well, we're here to bust some of those myths you might have heard about the University of Leicester!

"University is too expensive"

Fun Fact: Leicester was voted the 3rd most affordable student city in the UK by the NatWest 2018 Student Index, ranking only behind Hull & Cardiff! This puts Leicester as more affordable compared to some of our closest neighbours, including Nottingham (14th), Cambridge (30th) and Birmingham (33rd). The University also offers financial support through our Student Support Service should you need it. 

"You'll be struggling to pay your loans forever"

It's a huge myth that you will be branded with your student loans well into your retirement, or that you'll be left penniless for the time you are paying back your loans. Once you've graduated, you only start to pay back your student loan after your income has passed a certain amount. You be paying a small fraction back each month, so you'll barely notice the payments. 

"Oadby Student Village is too far away"

Oadby's location is what makes it perfect for any new students wishing to settle in! Only 15 minutes bus ride to main campus, Oadby is the hustle and bustle of the city combined with wide open surroundings for peace and quiet. If you don't fancy travelling to campus, sometimes there's no need to! Oadby has dozens of social and study spaces, along with our own food court, Village Pub, IT suite, dance studio and more!

"First year doesn't count"

Surprise, this one requires some context. While first year technically doesn't count towards your final grade (for most courses), that doesn't mean you should treat your first year like a holiday with the occasional class. Universities accept that you might have difficulty adjusting to a different environment, allowing you to settle in to your first year. But first year is a good indicator to see how you can manage university work. If you're not careful, you might struggle more in your 2nd & 3rd year. Make sure you give yourself a head start!

"Students only go clubbing when they're not in classes"

Outside of your course, there is more to student life than downing your drinks at the local student's night. Our Residence Life team run dozens of events every month in both our City Living and Oadby Student Village accommodation. Whether it be a relaxing Coffee Night (complete with free cake!), or a Hogwarts-themed Christmas party, our Residential Advisers run events to suit all students. Leicester and the surrounding area has numerous options for days out with your flatmates, all accessible via public transport. For some ideas, here's a map we've made for you.

"You'll need to have your 2nd year house sorted ASAP"

There's hundreds of options when it comes to student housing in Leicester, so there's no need to worry about a shortage. Some will tell you that you'll need to get your house sorted as soon as you can, but this can cause problems later on. You may not remain close friends with the same people you met in your fresher's week, which can make for some awkwardness later if you find a house with some new friends you've made. In this case, it's best to wait until you're sure you want to live with these people. After all, they'll be the ones to greet you after a long day in lectures. Even if you don't manage to get something sorted before the end of your first year, there's still no need to worry. The university welcomes undergraduate returners back into our accommodation every year and there's plenty of other student accommodation options in the city. 

Look out for more advice from us on second year housing later in the year. 

What fresher's myths have you heard before coming to university?

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