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How to...Use your household appliances

By BLloyd 14 Sep 2018

Here's everything you need to know about the household appliances we provide in your accommodation.  


The student essential...

  • Always check cooking instructions
  • Loosely cover food over to avoid spills 
  • Once you have placed the food in the microwave, set the power dial and timer dial to the cooking instructions
  • When the timer is done, check the food is piping hot and carefully remove from the microwave
  • Do not put any metal or foil in the microwave. It will break! 

You can find the user manuals for your microwave below:

Daewoo Microwave
Beko Microwave 

Electric cooker 


  • Each ring matches to a temperature dial at the side of the hob
  • Place your pan on a ring and turn the appropriate dial to start cooking
  • Turn on the extractor fan whilst cooking to stop cooking smells lingering. This can be done using a simple on/off switch
  • Make sure you always turn off the ring once you are finished cooking
  • Never leave tea towels or other flammable items near a hot ring
  • In comparison to a gas hob, an electric hob takes longer to heat up and cool down
Lamona_Cermaic_Side_Control_Hob.pdf (3043KB) Lamona_Cermaic_Touch_Control_Hob.pdf (2952KB) Lamona_Touch_Control_5_Zone_Ceramic_Hob.pdf (1688KB) Safira_Stove_Guard_User_Manual.pdf (222KB) 20800_01-Safera-Airis-user-manual-ENG.pdf (220KB) Lamona_Built-In_Single_Fan_Assisted_Oven.pdf (3006KB) Lamona_Built_in_Double_Oven.pdf (4374KB) Lamona_Built-In_Single_Fan_Oven_Manual.pdf (1144KB)


  • Pull the lid up and fill the kettle using cold water from the tap. There is often a minimum and maximum water level as a guide
  • Once the kettle is back on the base press down the switch
  • Once the kettle is boiled, there's no need to turn it off and the water is ready to use

You can find the user manual for your kettle below:
Sabichi Kettle


  • Regularly wipe the fridge shelves clean using warm water and washing up liquid with a cloth
  • Keep meat on the bottom shelf
  • Get rid of out of date food regularly
  • Watch the video below for top tips on keeping your fridge happy
  • You can find the user manuals for your fridge below:

Lec Refrigerator R50052W 
Lec Refrigerator Model TU55144W
Beko Refrigerator
New World Refrigerator

Vacuum cleaner

  • Make sure you unravel all of the power cable before using the vacuum cleaner
  • Use a plug socket that is near to the area you want to clean, make sure no one will trip over the wire
  • Turn on the plug socket, then the on/off switch on the vacumm cleaner. When you are finished turn the vacuum cleaner off first, then the plug socket.
  • Wind the wire back up and store the vacuum cleaner safely
  • Do not use the vacuum cleaner to clean up any liquid spills, it will break. 

Henry Hoover manual


  • Always use an iron on an ironing board
  • Before using the iron, fill with the appropriate amount of water
  • Plug in the iron and use the heat dial to selct the temperature
  • Once you are finished, unplug the iron and empty the water into the sink
  • Leave the iron to cool down in a safe place, making sure to keep it upright
  • Any dirt can be removed with a damp cloth when the iron has fully cooled down

You can find the user manual for your iron below

Sabichi Steam Iron


  • Check items are dishwasher safe before loading them into the dishwasher 
  • Make sure there is no left over food on the items 
  • Use the bottom rack for pots, pans, plates etc.
  • Use the top rack for glasses and mugs 
Lamona_dishwasher_-_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf (846KB) Lamona_dishwasher_-_User_Instructions.pdf (3534KB)

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