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How to lose friends and alienate people

By bzbeth 25 Sep 2019

Making friends at university can be easy once you get the hang of it...

But losing friends can be even easier if you don't act respectfully. 

Here's a list of the things you should AVOID doing so that you don't annoy your flatmates or new friends:

  1. Making the flat messy
    Believe it or not, your flatmates don't want to clean up after you. If you have any rubbish, simply put it in the bin. If you're working in the living area, don't leave it all on the sofa for other people to move. By keeping things nice and tidy, your flatmates will appreciate your efforts and your flat will be a nice place to live.

  2. Leaving dirty dishes
    Not doing the washing up is easily the fastest way to annoy your flatmates and become best friends with bacteria. Stay on top of things where you can to keep the kitchen tidy and accessible. To avoid being in the bad books, remember to wash up your pots after you've eaten. That way they will be easier to clean and your flatmates will like you!

  3. Playing loud music
    Don't be the flatmate who decides to blast music at 2am when everyone is trying to get their beauty sleep, it's just unnecessary and rude. Wear headphones if you choose to listen to music at night or even if you're binging TV shows on Netflix - you're not living alone,  remember.

  4. Not contributing to group projects
    "There's no I in team". Don't be the one who sits back whilst everyone else does all the work, your coursemates will dislike you and you'll get bad marks! Group projects aren't always the most exciting, but this is a chance to bond with your coursemates instead of irritating them, so make the most of this opportunity and show off your great teamwork skills. 

  5. Avoiding paying your debts
    There will come a time when you won't have enough money for the taxi home and your flatmate will have your back, so remember to pay them back as soon as possible. Try return the favour next time they need help because that way you'll remain on even ground and you can build up some trust.

  6. Causing drama
    Having a falling out with flatmates and friends is normal; friendships aren't a straight path, they're windy and bumpy. Although, purposely causing drama for the sake of it is just pointless and makes people uncomfortable. If you have a problem with a flatmate, then sort it out quickly and privately instead of making it a big deal out of it.

Being friendly, kind and constantly smiling is the best way to keep yourself and your friends happy at university - so just be yourself!



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