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How to... Keep your halls clean

By BLloyd 08 Aug 2017

As well as being responsible for keeping your bedroom clean it is your responsibility to keep your kitchen and bathroom clean. No one likes cleaning, but creating a rota and making sure you clean up after yourself will make cleaning easy. Simple steps like regularly taking out the rubbish and throwing away out of date food will keep your kitchen an enjoyable space for everyone. Here are our top tips: 


  • Keep up to date with washing up, don't let pots and pans pile up
  • Always wipe the side down after preparing food. If you spill anything, wipe it up
  • Wipe up any spills on the hob as soon as it has cooled down
  • Always clean the grill pan after use with a sponge
  • Use a cloth and washing up liquid to wipe up any spills in the microwave
  • Never pour fat or left over food down the sink as this will cause the drain to block


  • Always clean sinks, baths and showers after use
  • Make sure any hair is removed from plugholes regularly to avoid blockages
  • Wipe up any excess water from the floor after using the shower
  • Don't use bleach based products


  • Regularly vacuum your room
  • Change bed sheets regularly 
  • Clear away dirty plates or mugs
  • Wipe down shelves and surfaces regularly
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BLloyd a UOL Student and Customer Service Adviser for the Accommodation Team.
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