Handy tips that could save you money

By ahenry 29 Sep 2014

Making money is just as good as saving money, and there are a number of ways you can do it!

       1. Get a job

Try starting your job search at Uni. This is a great place to get a job, because your Uni understands better than anyone that you need flexible working hours. You could work in shops, music venues, the student union, anywhere you fancy. Just check the jobs board.

      2. Sell any of your unused/unwanted stuff online

  • CDs/DVDs? Music Magpie. 
  • Clothes? eBay or Amazon (Amazon has no insertion fees)
  • Old mobile? Envirofone.
  • Have a look for shops that might buy second-hand items.                                                                                                       

      3. Sell your old coursebooks

A top tip here is to advertise to students on your campus, first. Then you won’t have to pay for postage like you would when selling it online. Look at facebook groups for your course, for example.

      4. Fill in surveys

There are loads of market research companies that want to know what you think about particular products/services and will even pay you for it - check out thise sites for example: 

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