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First year, second term - a guide to survival

By bzellie 18 Jan 2020

With first term down and second term in full swing, you might have noticed things being a little bit different.

Whether it's seeing friends less, spending more time in the library or spending Friday night in your onesie instead of getting dressed to head out.

But fear not! Here are some tips to ensure you get through the tough second term smoothly...

Are you happy on your course?

This might seem obvious, but second term provides a perfect middle ground to assess where you are and where you want to go. Consider the changes - both academic and personal - that you'll need to make to ensure you go into your second year with the grades you want. 

Take it easier

No - not your course. After the madness of first term, you shouldn't feel any compulsion to party every night, and if you do, don't force it on others!

Find your good friends

Everyone is 'best mates' during first term, but as the Freshers' dust settles, tighter bonds begin to form - and other bonds start to drift. This is why it's really not a great idea to rush into house hunting earlier than necessary!

Try something new

Okay, you probably told yourself during Freshers' Week you'd join a society. You might have done so... chances are, nothing came of it. But with things - relatively - chilled out during second term, you have no excuse not to go to a social or take up a new sport.

How are you feeling?

There is so much support available at university, that if you are struggling or feeling down, speak to someone. It won't make you feel any better by bottling it up so make sure you use the services that are there for you.

Enjoy it!

There will be a change of pace and atmosphere from your first term, but it's still your first year after all. Things will really change from second year onwards - so enjoy being a Fresher whilst you still can...