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City Living

Living in city accommodation is just that, a micropolis within metropolis that’s perfect for students. Just as with any city, it’s the level of variety which gives City Living accommodation its character and charm; in terms of what’s available, what’s going on and who chooses to live here. Since moving here I’ve made friends with people from countries which, before I came to Leicester, were as unfamiliar to me as the surface as Mars. There’s rarely a dull moment here, almost every other day a social event is put on by the Residence Life team, be it a simple coffee night or a trip to one of Leicester’s landmarks. If there is nothing on that takes our fancy, my friend’s and I are only a ten minute walk away from the city centre. As much as I enjoy my course, it’s the eclectic, vibrant and varied atmosphere that city accommodation provides that is the main attraction of studying at Leicester. - City Living resident.



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