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Borrowing DVDs, Video games, Board Games and Consoles

By Mohammad 20 Apr 2018

Got No Plans?

We understand that sometimes evenings are best spent chilling out with a DVD or game, which is why we have a massive selection of entertainment bits and pieces for you to borrow! With a library of over 160 films and series; more than 50 video games and with over 40 board games you’ll be lost for choice on how to fill your evening. We get the latest video games and films so our collection is always growing!  If you don’t have a console yourself we’ll be more than happy to lend you an Xbox 1, PS4 or a Wii! 

How to Borrow

Borrowing from us is easy! All you need to do is head over to Oadby Student Village Reception, browse the DVD/video-game stand and take the empty case to the desk. Leave the receptionist with your student ID, they will give you the disc and you're good to go! Return the items when you’re done (within 24 hours) and get your student card back. 

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