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Oadby Student Village

A Day in the Life - My Experience Moving into Accommodation

By Mohammad 17 Aug 2018


Moving into your flat on the first day of University can seem daunting, overwhelming and just plain scary, but the Residential Advisers and other members of staff here at the University of Leicester made my move in day as easy as checking into a hotel. It's a day I will never forget!

Arriving in Leicester

I had everything I needed- the check in documents I was sent via email, my photo ID and all of my stuff. Fitting everything into the car turned out to be the most difficult game of Tetris in the world! I had butterflies in my stomach and was feeling pretty anxious when me and my Dad set off on the long drive to Leicester.

After a very hot 3 ½ hours we finally arrived. When we drove into Oadby Student Village, the signs and posters made it easy to find our designated car park. From there, very helpful staff members pointed us in the right direction for registration.



As I was registering  I could see that the other students around me all had a similar look of worry on their faces and in a strange way this made me feel better, it reassured me that everyone was ‘in the same boat’ as me and we were all nervous.

The staff behind the desk were incredibly friendly and helpful. I showed them my ID, they scanned my check in document and handed me my keys. I was also given a Residence Guide which had all the information I needed including how to do laundry, how to connect to the Wi-Fi and how to receive post.

One of the Residential Advisers (RA) helped me with my luggage which was really helpful! The RA chatted to me about events that were happening that day and talked me through what to expect from the flat. 

Settling in 

After lugging my belongings inot my new room and a quick trip to the supermarket, which was only a handy 15 minute walk away, I said farewell to my dad with an emotional goodbye. 

I noticed that some of my flatmates were moving in at this time and so I built up some courage, introduced myself and gave them a hand with their stuff.  We sat and talked in the kitchen for a while and went through the motions of typical conversation you have with new people; where are you from; what do you study? Etc. (you will become an expert at this conversation).

As more and more people moved in we began exchanging numbers and soon became friends. We then went to the welcome talk together where we received a presentation on what life would be like in Oadby with useful information on what goes on and where to find help. 

Welcome Events

My flatmates and I had noticed calendars posted everywhere showing all the events going on the next month including what was going on for fresher’s week. We decided to go to the event that evening to try and meet new people. I wasn’t sure what to expect but we all had a great night in The Village Hub! I'd definitely recommend going to the events, there are so many to choose from.  

My first day in Oadby was unforgettable and I was helped every step of the way by friendly staff and Residential Advisers of the University of Leicester. There were so many people on hand to ask questions so my advise to anyone moving in would be don't worry, and enjoy your day! 



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