Time to visit the library?

By MParish 08 Jan 2017

Basic statistics

The Library covers 9,161 square metres over four floors with 1375 study places, including 200 workstations. It has over 500,000 books; 90,000 bound serials and access to approximately 30,000 e- journals. Its has 87 members of staff; 55 full-time equivalents (32 full-time; 55 part-time).

Other "fun facts" about the Library

  • The most borrowed book is a copy of "Modern banking theory and practice" by Shelagh Hefferman, which has been borrowed over 2600 times
  • Since 2003 the number of e-journals available has increased by over 500% (3754 in 2003 and 30,00 in 2013)
  • In the 2012/13 academic year, the Library was visited 624,904 times (an average of 1712 visits per day)
  • In 2001 the Library had 777 study spaces, this has grown to 1375 in 2013
  • In the 2012/13 academic year, the Library had 85,016 personal queries (an average of one every two minutes)

Loughborough's Library has wide range of different learning spaces. You can decide what type of study area is best for you:

  • If you want quiet study and group study, go to Levels 1 and 2. You can also have drinks on these floors but food is not allowed
  • If you want quiet study and group study, with food, go to Level 4 (food is not allowed in Level 4 silent study area)
  • If you want silent study, there is an area specifically for this purpose on Level 4. Food is not allowed
  • If you want group study where you can eat and drink, Level 3 is ideal
  • Group study facilities are available on all four Levels

Check the current library opening times before setting off for a study session:

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