Recycling made easy!

By enviroassist 16 Nov 2016

Did you know that your recycling in halls is scored for the Green League? And did you know that through the Green League you can win money towards your halls RAG totals and it also counts towards hall of the year !

So there are lots of incentives to recycle and recycle correctly. Here is a briefing to help you recycle more effectively:

Each kitchen is provided with a recycling bin or green recycling bags. You will also have a smaller recycling bin in your room.

All of the following items can be recycled:


  • Drink cans,
  • Big cooking oil tins,
  • Food tins,
  • Metal biscuit or chocolate tins.
  • Empty aerosol cans and clean foil 


  • Detergent bottles,
  • Shampoo and shower gel bottles.
  • Food trays, fruit punnets including the lids,
  • carrier bags, bin liners and packaging film,
  • Margarine & ice cream tubs, small plants pots and seed trays,
  • Yoghurt pots, foam fast food boxes & egg cartons, and plastic cutlery


Paper and Cardboard

  • Shredded paper,
  • Yellow pages,
  • Catalogues, books,
  • Envelopes (please remove any windows),
  • Magazines,
  • Newspapers,
  • Wrapping paper (but not the metallic type),
  • Cardboard toilet and kitchen rolls,
  • Clean pizza boxes,
  • Cardboard boxes large and small (flatten the boxes and remove sellotape or strings and polystyrene)
  • Food & drink cartons (commonly known as TetraPak)

Glass Recycling

A box/green trug is supplied in kitchens for glass.

All empty glass bottles and jars should be placed in there, but make sure you have rinsed them first.

Broken glass should be placed into the separate, smaller box provided.

Students will need to dispose of their glass in their halls set recycling point themselves, once their box has begun to fill up. 

Food Caddies

Food Caddies are now provided in your kitchen to separate out student's food waste. Please read your Kitchen Rewards Scheme poster or the instructions on your caddie for more information! 


See posters for more details on what can and cant be recycled.

If you have any queries or questions contact us at or visit: 




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