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Life as a Loughborough student

By TadasBlogger 20 Oct 2016

I am an international student from Lithuania who is now studying an MSc in Marketing here.

But to be honest I had no doubts about my decision, so let me share my experiences so far.

Are They Going to Accept Me?
One of the fears that most people face, and I am no exception, is the fear of not being accepted. I was tense upon my arrival and stressed for first few days. This is the feeling you experience when you don’t know where the bus station is, where and with whom you will be living, or even a simple thing like the value of the coins in your pocket. I had to relearn, and that was exciting to me, I love that feeling of the unknown that is far away from the so called ‘comfort zone’.

I was blown away by how helpful people are here. Everyone is nice and I feel so comfortable. I remember how I was walking on the campus looking for a building, two people who were passing by stopped and asked if everything was ok. I said ‘yes’ to the first one, but ‘no, it’s not ok’ to the second, ‘you should take the help’ I thought, ‘don’t be a hero’. 

Preparing for the move
There is a huge difference between knowing about something and actually experiencing it. I had done my homework and spent hours reading about Loughborough University before arriving here. Now I'm speaking like an accountant, but the information showed me that Loughborough was the place to be. I found so many people who had written good things about the university and the reviews looked legitimate. 

Living on Campus
Now I know that this university has so much to offer that I can’t keep up even if I want to! This is exactly what I wanted, I have found so many interesting and engaging activities. What can be better than being here surrounded by like-minded people, living on the campus and feeling the true spirit of university? That’s the life.

I have made so many new friends in the past three weeks that feeling lonely sounds unknown. I came back home yesterday from the village restaurant and five minutes later someone was knocking on my door inviting me to join everyone in the kitchen. 

Night and Social Life
I hope that none of my lecturers are reading this, but I could live here just for the night life and social life! To be fair, I acknowledge that I am here to study and I am studying really hard but the night life is absolutely amazing. The same goes for the vast selection of social activities and sports clubs which you can join.

Exceeded My Study Quality Expectations
But it is not all about the nightlife and being with your friends. I am here to study and build a foundation for my future career. It is obvious that the lecturer’s main goal is to help me learn and prepare for the exam. I can discuss and ask even silliest questions and all of them will be answered and explained even if they were already covered a few minutes ago.

Things like reviewing recorded lectures, online learning and other innovations like interactive quizzes at the end of the lecture make the learning process rich and engaging. I could not ask for more. 

Now I Have My Second Home
I don’t want to be insensitive but I don’t miss my home yet. I talked with my mom today and, yes, I miss her, but I told her that it feels like home except that everyone here speaks English.

I am so sure that it will be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and if you are still thinking about studying in the UK, and specifically in Loughborough University, you should go for it, because it is autumn and it is about time to apply for postgraduate studies!



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