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By MParish 05 Sep 2016

Student Advice and Support Service

The Loughborough Student Advice and Support Service holds an Advice Quality Standard (AQS); the quality mark for organisations that provide advice to a specific group of people on social welfare issues. For us this includes housing law, contract law, immigration, and money advice including student finance & debt. We are able to advise students, prospective students, and recent graduates of the University.


  • Budgeting- If you can't work out where all your money goes and how to make ends meet we can help.
  • Student finance problems- we deal with these issues all the time and understand the regulations. We also have a phone in our waiting room that you can use if you would prefer to sort the problem out yourself.
  • Debts- we can help you negotiate payments with creditors.
  • Welfare benefits- we can help you establish if you are entitled to benefits while studying and assist with applications.
  • Hardship- if you are in financial difficulty come and speak to an adviser as we may be able to direct you to a hardship fund to help (subject to your individual circumstances)
  • Credit, banking and anything else- if you are having difficulties with any financial matter come and speak to us for advice.


  • Renting in the private sector

  • Contract Checking (the unbiased view): They will answer any questions you have and help you understand your rights and responsibilities when renting.


  • How to extend your visa
  • How to register with the Police
  • How to bring your family to join you
  • How to rent a private house
  • How to access the health service
  • How to mange your money 
  • How to resolve problems with faulty goods/services 

Student Advice

The Student Advice and Support Service helps with a range of issues, not just limited to finance, housing and immigration.

For more information visit the student advice and support service website:

You can contact them on:
Telephone: 01509 222058




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