Feeling Lonely or Homesick?

By isimmie 10 Sep 2013

Feeling Lonely or Homesick? University is more than just an academic education. It is a huge learning curve for all aspects of your life. This is an exciting time, however there may also be times when it feels a little un-settling for variety of reasons.

Sometimes we can feel a little shaky or insecure in a new environment surrounded by new people. You may experience being homesick or lonely for the first time, which people often describe as making them feel like an outsider, invisible, angry or hurt.

It is not nice to feel this way but it is not unusual. 1 / 7 students experience loneliness at some time, but most find this fades quite quickly as you start to adjust. There are a few things you can do to help ease this process.

  • Try to embrace your new environment by reaching out to new social situations. Loughborough has a very culturally diverse population, so there is something for everyone to identify with.
  • Find other students from your craft, sport or cultural background at Lufbra Societies. Or, meet new people in the community whilst enjoying music, theatre arts or sports with Loughborough Echo What's On
  • Experience the social and personal benefits of volunteering with other students in ACTION.
  • Getting active is an excellent way to meet people whilst giving you a mood boost at the same time. Check all options on our physical activity page.
  • Don’t be afraid to contact home. However make sure you assess whether making trips back is making it easier or harder on your return. If you need to consider less direct options for contact, has lots of cheaper contact options across the distance.
  • If you live in Halls of Residence and you are experiencing problems please contact your Hall's Warden, who can offer pastoral care. Please see the support and contact information for your hall:  
  • Check the Counsellingweb pages for understanding and advice on working through these feelings. To arrange an appointment please contact them by email at or by telephone on (+44) 01509222148.





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