Dining Hall Meal Offer

By Costel 10 Nov 2016

You can now enjoy freshly cooked meals in our dining halls during term time in selected locations around campus.

All meal offers give great value for money!

CASH+ and DINERS+ offer great promotions and discounts!

Menu (view menu on our page)

Breakfast 8am-9.30am - £4.95

Locations: Cayley, Towers  (click location for map directions)

Full English Breakfast with unlimited tea, coffee and juice.

Lunch 12pm-1.30pm - £4.95

Locations: Cayley, Elvyn, Towers (click location for map directions)

  1. Choice of main meal or hot/cold sandwiches
  2. Unlimited salad and drinks (coffee, tea, squash)
  3. A dessert or yogurt and a piece of fruit

Evening meal 5pm-7.00pm - £4.95

Locations: Cayley, Elvyn, Towers (click location for map directions)

  1. Choice of main meal with unlimited salad bar
  2. Unlimited drinks (tea, coffee, squash)
  3. A dessert or yogurt and a piece of fruit

Why buy a meal deal?

  • Better value for money - A meal deal offers great value for money, with an unlimited salad bar and refills on drinks you'll save money compared to buying these items individually.
  • Efficient service - Having a set meal plan allows the queues to move faster and leaves more time to eat, relax and socialise.
  • More eco-friendly - You can help us make Loughborough University more sustainable. Meal deals allow us to better manage food waste.

For a quick Grab n Go meal (e.g. a sandwich or baguette), there are plenty of outlets across campus that you can use.

 If you require any food allergen information, please speak to a member of our team.

Please note only food purchased in the dining halls can be eaten in the area.


IMPORTANT: you can't purchase individual items from the meal packages we offer (e.g. 2 mains). You can only purchase one package at a time. If you would like to have more flexibility in terms of number of items you want to purchase, please visit one of our outlets.



CASH+ is a cashless payment option available to both staff and students that allows you to make purchases with your University ID cards.

DINERS+ is a meal package option usable in dining halls available only to students.



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