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BLOG: I tried being vegetarian for a week...

By CallyBlogger 14 May 2018

I’ve been meaning to cut down on meat for a long time now...

To support anti-animal cruelty and to just generally have a healthier diet. So what better time to get a taste of veggie life than in preparation for vegetarian week!

Interested in how I got on? Keep reading...


  • Breakfast: What faster breakfast is there than good old cereal? I opted for one of my personal favourite, shreddies!
  • Lunch: I chose to keep it simple with a pasta salad. I made my own dressing using olive oil, lemon juice, honey and garlic; delicious! An excellent way to zest up your boring greens.

  • Dinner: An easy vegetarian cottage pie with quorn mince. I couldn’t really tell the difference!


  • Breakfast: I had some extra time, so I scrambled up myself some cheesy eggs and served it with some mango slices.

  • Lunch: one of my personal favourites (and an excellent cheat day meal), grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup! 
  • Dinner: A vegetable stir fry with noodles. When there’s so much going on in one dish it’s hard to notice the lack of meat!


  • Breakfast: Shreddies again, because why not?
  • Lunch: Using the leftover vegetables in my fridge I made a delicious kimchi fried rice. Another dish that is a weakness of mine, especially when topped with a runny egg!

  • Dinner: I went out for dinner tonight, and it was hard to resist the meat options on the menu, but I ended up deciding on chips, pitta and hummus and had no regrets!


  • Breakfast: Switched it up to strawberry and banana porridge. Something to satisfy that sweet tooth!
  • Lunch: Leftover pasta salad, because as a student cooking for just yourself, sometimes you can’t have a different meal every day. Still delicious though!
  • Dinner: Similar to the cottage pie, I made a vegetarian lasagna with Quorn mince. Still as flavourful as ever and especially with all the bubbling cheese I topped it with! 


  • Breakfast: Toast, peanut butter and sliced banana. 
  • Lunch: Soup noodles made with vegetable broth instead of chicken. A classic in my diet, a warm bowl of happiness as I like to call it!
  • Dinner: Spag bol night! Who doesn’t love a hearty bowl of spaghetti before Friday night antics? 


  • Brunch: I was really craving a full English and luckily, they had a vegetarian full breakfast to satisfy my cravings!
  • Dinner: Dominos night! It’s easy to switch your Texas BBQ for a veggie supreme. Still as delicious and that makes it kinda nutritious, right?


  • Brunch: Leftover lasagna, almost as good as if it were made fresh!
  • Dinner: I whipped out my Chinese culinary skills, whipping up a lovely medley of vegetables and tofu served with a side of fluffy rice. 

Overall, it really wasn’t hard to find meat substitutes and was definitely still as scrumptious.

I challenge you to try going veggie this week or just any week and see if you make a permanent switch!


CallyBlogger is currently studying English at Loughborough University and enjoys watching desperate housewives and playing badminton.
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