10 Facts you didn't know about Loughborough Sport

By MParish 19 Nov 2015

  1. We have 55 AU clubs & lots of sporting societies on campus that you can get involved with! 
  2. The coach and volunteer academy off several coaching qualifications!
  3. 'My Activities' host around 30 free recreational sports each week, ranging from wheelchair basketball to boxing...
  4. We have 16 Halls with IMS teams where you can compete against other halls.
  5. 'My lifestyle' also host lots of fun fitness classes to try from spinning & body pump - right through to nightclub zumba!
  6. We have a reputation for being the best in sport - but that doesn't mean were all Olympians! Most of us take advantage of free classes & participate for fun!
  7. The coach & Volunteer academy have 300 different opportunities to get involved with!
  8. You can book out our world class facilities, such as our tennis and badminton courts if you want to knock about with friends..
  9. There are 20 academic schools and departments here, all of which offer departmental sport - if you want to meet new course mates!
  10. We have 2 gyms on campus, so if you like to keep in shape, make sure you get a membership which includes some amazing deals! 

For more information on how to get involved, please visit: 



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