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Feeling festive in Edinburgh...

By JoshuaBlogger 03 Dec 2018

Can you believe that Christmas is only 3 weeks away?

Most likely you’re feeling run down, minutes from inevitable death via exam season, and fairly immune to the (several hundred shots of) coffee you consume as a daily necessity. It’s no surprise then that the prospect of Christmas is the light at the end of the tunnel, a shred of hope to cling onto amid the tempestuous seas of university life.

Determined to find some activities that will get you feeling festive and a little better about exams, me and my friends set off to Edinburgh last weekend to wander around and see the Christmas market. Here’s what we recommend …

Hit the German Edinburgh Christmas Market - If there’s one thing that Germans know how to do well (apart from beer) it’s Christmas. The Edinburgh Christmas Market certainly reflects this. Among the many stalls, here are some of our favourites:

  • Cheese Fondu – If you’re more of a savoury person and always looking down on your chocolate eating friends, then you’ll love this. I went halves with a friend and got a massive loaf of bread filled with cheese fondu for £5. Not bad, not bad at all…
  • Bailey’s hot chocolate – After my Irish flatmate preached the joys of Bailey’s and Guinness at me for 3 months solid, I decided it was worth a try. If you’re looking for a drink to take you straight into the Christmas spirt, then this is right up your street!
  • View of the maze at night – Since you’re heading to the Christmas market, do yourself a favour and make sure you go after dark – the lights of the maze and the rides with the backdrop of Edinburgh City Centre is a sight to behold!

Waterstones – Our fifth and final recommendation seems a little counterintuitive, considering we spend most of our time reading, writing, and studying. BUT we loved stopping by the massive bookshop on Princes Street and taking some time to relax and read genres we wouldn’t normally get to. If you’ve got enough time, grab something delicious from their coffee shop and read away to your heart's content – the staff won’t even mind!

(EXPERT LEVEL CHRISTMAS SHOPPING TIP – Reading books in Waterstones is a great way of checking out if they’re worth buying for free, saving you buying books you don’t like!)


But what if you can’t travel home for Christmas, or logistics are a little more complicated?

Finding people to spend time with is essential in order to make Christmas a little less lonely. Try Skyping family and friends to take the edge off homesickness, and maybe pay a visit to your local church to attend a Christmas service if you seek religious meaning around Christmas, or even just to find friendly people to say hi to.

Personally, my Dad is abroad for Christmas, but we’ll be spending the day together via Skype! I can’t wait!

Here's to the best of luck for exams and happy holidays for all!


JoshuaBlogger is studying Business and Finance and likes to get involved in LOTS of sports including football, volleyball and the triathlon.
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