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Different members of your flat family!

By BzBarlow 19 Jan 2018

By now, you've settled into life at university and you're familiar (maybe too familiar) with your flatmates...

As funny, crazy or a little bit weird as they all are, you wouldn't change them for the world! Right?

The Parent
 mom mother mama mothers day mothersday GIF

Missing home? Stressed with your course? Ridiculously hungover and need a hug? These are the person all your flatmates go to because they give the best advice and will always remind you that life isn't so bad after all.

The Clean Freak
Cheezburger cute dog animals memes GIF

Some people actually feel better when they’ve tidied, washed everything and put it in its place. You can’t complain really, especially because you didn't really fancy washing up all those dishes at the side of the sink! 

The Party Animal
 happy fun party excited birthday GIF

Everyone likes to let their hair down and enjoy a night out now and again but this person absolutely LOVES it! They always want to throw an after party and without a doubt would spend their last fiver on entry to the best club in town. 

The Messy One
 mess GIF

You've never been invited into their room because it looks like this. They are the ones responsible for that pile of dishes next to sink too! News flash: Your parents aren't coming to clean up after you so it's time to get your rubber gloves on...

The Lazy One
 tired mood lazy fight club GIF

They will always choose to stay in bed watching Netflix over going to lectures purely because they can't be bothered to get up. Their outfit of choice is a baggy hoodie and joggers and their meal of choice is usually a microwave meal. They love everything that requires minimal effort! 

The Social Butterfly
 love movie movies fashion 90s GIF

Sorry, what's your name again? This is the person who is hardly ever at home because they're with their friends, at their 1 of 15 societies, doing some volunteer work or just helping to save the world. They probably set up your group chat, right?

The Anti-Social One
 disney angry mad pixar door GIF

The person you can guarantee you'll only see once a week (if that) because they don't really seem to like anyone in your flat and would prefer to be on their own. They also go home nearly every weekend and avoid the kitchen when you're all in there.  

The Foodie
HULU tv snl nbc saturday night live GIF

They're always making food you've never heard of and you're always jel of their meals compared to your basic pasta. They usually offer to make a family dinner for the flat and that is officially the BEST. DAY. EVER! 

Can you recognise which one is you or your bestie?

Either way, it's that time of year when you'll start thinking about who you want to live with next year, choose carefully...

BzBarlow is part of the Browzer team and loves to bake.
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