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10 things you WON'T miss about smoking

By BzBarlow 01 Oct 2017

Be proud to be a quitter.

We're officially in October meaning Halloween, only TWO months until Christmas and also the return of Stoptober.

Stoptober encourages you smokers out there to quit for a month and hopefully for good - that includes you guys with e-cigarettes too...

So, if you're planning on taking part this year, or even if you're not, take a minute to think about all the benefits of quitting and all the things you definitely won't miss:

  1. Spending ages on your hair, only to have it ruined when you're standing in the rain smoking, while your friends relax inside. Not to mention all the conversations you're missing out on...
  2. Having to buy yet another lighter because you’ve lost yours. Even though you know you have at least 20 somewhere at home. Seriously, how much money have you wasted on lighters now?!
    money animated GIF
  3. People backing away from you, giving you a dirty look or commenting on 'that smell' when you smoke in public. Your Tinder date won't be impressed, especially as you forgot to mention it before you met up...
    gross animated GIF
  4. Your lack of taste buds and the fact you need extra salt and sugar with everything to get more flavour. When you stop smoking your senses improve massively and food tastes amazing again.
    dancing animated GIF
  5. You won't miss being skint! It’s certainly nice having an extra bit of cash instead of throwing it away on cigarettes or topping up your e-cig. You might even be able to splash out on your weekly food shop and make supermarket own brands a thing of the past.
    money animated GIF
  6. Looking at the colour of your teeth in the mirror and realising your whitening toothpaste is fighting a losing battle against the ciggies.
    vhs animated GIF
  7. Those annoying bits of tobacco that end up in your bags, carpet and pockets. Extra washing and cleaning is just a hassle you don't need with all the seasons on Netflix you've yet to watch - sorry, we mean essays to write!
     again animated GIF
  8. Having to rush to the shop at 10pm to buy cigarettes because you’ve just run out, or panicking if the shop is even open and you can’t get any until morning. Quitting means you can stay in bed and keep warm instead - aaah! 
    scared animated GIF
  9. Being out of breath after the tiniest bit of exercise. Panting and wheezing is certainly not attractive!
    exercise animated GIF
  10. Getting cigarette burns in your clothes from spending too much time in the smoking area. The time when someone dropped ash on your favourite trainers is still a sensitive subject!
    crying animated GIF

We understand that quitting smoking isn't one of the easiest things to do, but looking at all the things you won't miss, you can guarantee it'll be up there with the best.

Check the Stoptober Facebook page if you need a bit of motivation during the month or download the App (available on Apple & Andriod) for daily updates!

BzBarlow is part of the Browzer team and loves to bake.
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