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By BzBarlow 19 Sep 2016

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Student Grub is the answer to all your kitchen nightmares!

Not sure how to cook? Hate washing up? Student Grub provides you with the ingredients, recipes, and skills to make healthy, organic meals...

A Taste of Home

Organic foodies Abel & Cole have teamed up with Student Grub to kick start your uni foodie life with boxes of brilliant food to keep your clever clogs moving.

Try a recipe box...

They're full of ingredients to make six portions of a fantastic one-pot recipe working out at £2.40 for a main course serving, that’s very cheap to feed yourself!

Fancy a quick and easy seasonal risotto or a curry? We will give you everything you need to create a masterpiece in the kitchen, which in reality leaves you with less washing up and more time to get on with your busy, student life. Oh, and if you’re still feeling peckish- there are 6 jacket potatoes in there (for mashing, chipping, baking, that kind of thing) plus six pieces of seasonal organic fruit to snack on.

Want one?

Simply join today and you will get your 4th Box free, plus 50% OFF a Pantry Box when you order one in your 1st delivery.

Go to Student Grub and enter 'studentgrub' at the checkout.

BzBarlow is part of the Browzer team and loves to bake.
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