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Surviving Lent: You've made it this far...

By BzDani 17 Mar 2017

By now your New Year's resolutions are lying in a pile of unused gym cards, empty bottles of Lambrini and mountains of Fruit and Nut wrappers...

You've spent most of your loan on those trainers that were “an investment,” a downpayment on a tattoo and your room still resembles a landfill at the end of the Industrial Revolution.

Luckily, Lent has rode in on a white horse, to the virtuous wailing of angels trumpets and doling out silken cloth inscribed with good intentions. Yes, try and redeem yourself by giving up something, again!

This time, however, you might want to stick at it, and if you do, here are some top tips to get you through the rest of the 40 days and 40 nights of heavenly hell...

  1. Walk on by...
    Whether it's chocolate, alcohol, or Premier League stickers, avoid the aisles of temptation. Stick to the dull, puritanical supermarket aisles where temptation is less obvious. Veg, frozen fish, potted meats are all viable alternatives...

    But seriously, here's a trick. Every time you really feel the urge to break your Lent promise, think of the money. Instead of buying that chocolate bar, stick the money in a jar and see how much you can save.
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  2. Sponsored Misery
    When I did Dry January I found the only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that I would be letting down friends, family and the future of medical research if my lips touched a Baby Cham. It's more likely your mates will support you and less likely lead you down the path of sin.
  3. Life Overhaul
    If you 're going to sort one part of your life out, why not tackle a few others? Lent is the perfect time to set the alarm a little earlier, get the coursework handed in sooner, get down to the gym more often and try and come out the other end like a superhero.

    Once you get your body in check, the mind will follow and disciplining yourself will become second nature...
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  4. Loop Holes...
    In every aspect of human life, there is a LOOPHOLE. Little-known fact, but with voluntary obligations, the pope lets you abstain from abstaining on Sunday...I know, right!? Many foods can be bypassed with a little creativity and understanding of the ecclesiastical law.

    You might have given up bread to save your waistline BUT did you know you can eat pretzels? Designed to look like praying arms, pretzels can be consumed with impunity! Chocolate lovers indulge on cacao nibs to your heart's content, and anyone giving up meat will be pleased to know that frogs, though tasting like chicken, are classed as fish!
  5. Incentives
    I always allow myself a Jaffa Cake for every half hour I concentrate, which worked for getting me through uni (just about 3 stone heavier). The point is, reward yourself week on week.

    For every week you battle the urge to smoke, allow yourself an impulse purchase at Topshop or do extra “after hours” revision in the library (yeah...right) Create little things to look forward to every successful week completed.
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  6. Jackpot.
    Focus on the end goal, and whether it's a mental/physical form of abstinence, rest safe in the knowledge that you can totally indulge in it for years to come after Holy Thursday...

Don't give up now - you're so close!


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