Queen Elizabeth Oak - Greenwich Park

By BzSarah 13 Sep 2016

If you are looking for somewhere peaceful to relax, revise or catch up with friends there's nothing like acres of grass and heritage....

Greenwich Park is one of the eight Royal Parks in London, a great picnic destination and place for all things outdoors as you've probably noted! It is also home to a rather decrepit piece of Royal history - the Queen Elizabeth’s Oak tree.

Although you may have passed it a few times, assumed it was hit by lightening, or simply don't have a penchant for trees, you don't have to be jolly green to enjoy some interesting facts - after all this little piece of legacy is right on your doorstep!

  • The old English oak dates back the 12th century and according to legends King Henry VIII once danced around this oak tree with Anne Boleyn, and Queen Elizabeth I was said to have often taken refreshment whilst relaxing in its shade.

  • Although the tree died sometime in the 19th century, the patchwork of ivy that had grown around it had held it upright for a further 150 years. In fact, the tree stood all the way up until 1991 when a heavy rain storm brought it tumbling down. 

  • Luckily the tree is still there, albeit at a rather horizontal angle and covered in a wonderful variety of bugs and fungus. Alongside it is a new baby oak, planted in its memory by The Duke of Edinburgh in 1992, along with a plaque dedicated to the legacy of this grand and ancient tree.

Well, it may not be a motivational quote or funny panda but this little fact file is certainly enriching and one you'll find yourself sharing with your mates, parents & grandchildren. Check out the photo reel and sap up the history (get it?!)

Photography by Bill Wu

BzSarah is part of the browzer.co.uk team and plays the saxophone.
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