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University Mental Health Awareness Day 2021

By FLcs 03 Mar 2021

The 4th of March marks the University Mental Health Awareness Day 2021! This is a national campaign bringing together the University community to campaign about the importance of student mental wellbeing.

What is it?

University Mental Health Awareness Day takes place on the 4th of March this year and is the biggest day of the year for student mental health.

The day is ran by Student Minds, the UK’s leading student mental health charity and the University Mental Health Advisors Network (UMHAN).

Aim of the campaign?

The aim of the campaign is to empower all members of the University community (students, & staff) to look after their own mental health and support others. This day encourages staff and students to run campaigns, events and raise awareness on the importance of mental health.

Why is it so important?

As of 2021, there are over 2.3 million students studying at University all across the UK. Many students will be experiencing pressures associated with academic performance and social and financial pressures. In addition, students may also be facing challenging as a result of COVID19 which has impacted their ability to learn on campus, see friends and family etc. This means now more than ever; it is so important to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your mental health and the support available!

How to get involved?

Awareness of mental health is increasing, and this day aims to increase the awareness and importance of mental health further, making it a university- wide priority. Greater mental health knowledge and support needs to be available for students across UK Universities.

Below are some of the ways you could get involved today:

  • Join the online movement! Share a bit about your story of mental health on socials using the hashtag #UniMentalHealthDay
  • Fundraise!!! Set up a Just Giving page and encourage friends and family to take a walk or do something that benefits their mental health, asking them to post a picture about it online and submit a donation. All proceeds going to Student Minds
  • Share Student Space on your socials, an online support service ran by Student Minds.

Student Space helps provide the following:

- Telephone/ text confidential support services

- Online Resources

- Help you identify what support is available at YOUR University

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Coventry University Events?

There is a range of events happening online this week including:

  • March 4th: UMHD Panel Talk
  • March 4th: Yoga and Meditation
  • March 5th: Therapy Dogs
  • March 5th Laughter Therapy

To find out more, please visit:

5 tips for your mental health!

  • Talk about it! (It is really important to voice any issues/thoughts you have instead of bottling them up. It can be a really hard thing opening up to someone and telling someone is a big step but once you open up, you’re then on your way to the next steps to overcome the issue/ feelings. Phone or video call a friend or family and tell them how you’re feeling)
  • Relax (It is easy as a busy student to forget to relax and do ‘me’ things. Whether you binge watch some Netflix, going for a walk, order a takeaway or do some self-care, always remember to take time for yourself to relax and rewind! 
  • Drink Water (Dehydration and mental health are actually linked! Dehydration can lead to tension increasing. Try and stick to around 2L a day)

Mental Health Support

There is a variety of support for students when it comes to looking after your mental health.

  • Reslife Team: The Reslife team are Mental Health First Aiders and are here to help if you want to talk to somebody about your mental health. To book a drop-in appointment contact us via email: or on our socials (Insta: reslife_covuni)
  • Mind, a UK mental health charity, supporting anyone of any age experiencing a mental health problem. Details found here:

A key takeaway from this day today is to promote the importance of mental health and look after your own mental health. - Milena

Mental Health

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