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Travel Ideas on a Budget

By FLsm 03 Jul 2019

If you’ve finished university now, you’ve got an epic amount of time off before Uni rolls around again. Enjoy the next couple of months and explore, have adventures and as much fun as possible! There’s endless possibilities to do a fun family or friends getaway, travelling, or even explore the UK at the weekends if you have a summer job. Here’s a run down of some of the best travel bargains.


Explore the best Europe has to offer with an interrail card. You can get great deals if you’re a student or under 27 and can get a range of passes that suit your travel itinerary and budget. You can choose to go to a certain country and get on as many trains as you want there within a certain time frame. Or for a bigger adventure, check out the Interrail global pass which can be used on over 40,000 destinations and 31 countries. You can even travel for a month or two continuously and this includes all long and short trips so you can roam around Europe to your heart's content.


Beach holiday

If you and your mates fancy popping off for a cheeky week in the sun then there’s a range of places you can go. Think days by the pool with a book or a few drinks, mooching about the beach and just generally chilling out. At this time of year you could head for Spain, the Algarve, Greece or mainland Europe for a cheap week in the sun. Check out the following sites for some great deals:

South East Asia

If you’re dreaming of tropical jungles, white beaches with crystal clear waters that stretch for miles, exotic food, buzzing nightlife and rich culture, South East Asia is the place to head to. It’s the perfect budget backpacking place and you’ll also get more bang for your buck. The flight up front may cost a bit but once you’re there you can get by on as little as £30 a day - including accommodation and food! Check out STA Travel for some cheap flights for students. 

Thailand is a great place to venture too and is considerably cheaper in the North than the south where you’ll experience dense tropical jungle, hiking and temples. Chang Mai and Chang Rai are the places to go and you’ll be able to eat like a king for a matter of pounds, particularly if you stick to the street food. 

In the south, you can explore a selection of islands each with their own identity. Think lush greenery, beach huts where you can lounge and listen to the lap of the waves from the ocean, or lay on a hammock swaying in the breeze. It’s an idyllic destination to head to. There’s the larger islands of Phuket and Koh Samui, Koh Phangan where you can get involved in a full moon party and Koh Lipe perfect for honeymooners who want a romantic stroll or watch sunsets. If you’re free and single, Koh Phi Phi is perfect for solo travellers. If you want to go a bit more off the beaten track, then head to the Similan Islands which are 9 islands in total - perfect for island hopping.