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Blog: Tips for starting Term 2

By FLcs 08 Jan 2021

With the term 2 quickly approaching us, I am here to share a few tips on how to prepare and survive the upcoming few months of studies!

As we all know, the UK has gone into another lockdown which means most of the studies have been moved online so the start to this semester will be a lot different from the previous one. So, to keep up with the current situation, the tips that I have provided below are completely from my own experience that I found helpful while studying & attending lectures from home in Semester 1. Hope you find this useful!

Tip 1: Start essential reading & working on assignments as soon as you can

Usually, lecturers tend to share the essential reading before you actually start the term, so it may be a good time to get ahead of time and start getting to know the topics you will be learning about! As the semester goes on, it gets more and more difficult to find time for that so if you have time now, do it!

Tip 2: Stay safe

Now more than ever it is important to highlight the fact that you need to stay safe and protect not only yourself, but your friends too! To do that, follow the government’s guidelines and stick to virtual parties for now! And hey, you can still dress up and make a night out of it, but at the end of it, the bed will not be that far and the uber won’t cost you a penny to get home! Also, you will save a lot of money by not going out too!

Tip 3: Set a routine that works for you from the first day of the term

Different things work for different people so I’m not here to share my routine. Instead, take this time to think about what would work for you? When are you most motivated to do most of the work: early morning, after lunch or after dinner? Do you need to stay in loungewear all day or do you need to put jeans on to ensure to stay motivated? Do you need a walk to clear your head before you start studying and attending lectures? Set a routine that works for YOU and don’t worry if you get bored and switch it up. Just go with the flow!

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Tip 4: Set a designated space in your room for studying

If you have a desk, make it organised before the term starts! What do they say – tidy space, tidy mind?! I tend to keep the desk very tidy that only contains the essentials (for me) – a bottle of water, laptop, headphones and a notebook. However, my desk drawer hides all the things that I may need when studying – highlighters, snacks (if they weren’t in my drawer I’d be getting up and getting them so this saves time!) and whatever else I may need. Again, set this the way you need it but always make sure to tidy the desk up before you start doing any work. It will help you feel calm and you will have space for anything you need to do.

Tip 5: Take regular breaks

This is a tip that is probably the hardest to follow and that’s because we feel like there’s so much to do but not enough time. However, overworking yourself will only lead to a breakdown and believe me, that will waste a lot more of your time and energy than taking a break. Make sure you take regular breaks and do something you love. If you need your mind to clear, maybe go for a walk? Maybe reading a book or watching an episode of the current series will help you with that. Make sure your break doesn’t lead to you scrolling on social media for an hour though! Not sure whether that will clear your mind.

I know that fully studying online seems extremely daunting at the moment, however, if you settle into a routine and find a way that works for you, you can make it through it! Make sure you take the time to think about what works for you and listen to your mind. If you need a break, take it. Look after yourself and you will get through this.

Written by Rusne 

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