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Now that you've moved in...

By bzbeth 21 Sep 2018

Welcome to your new home in Coventry! We hope you're all unpacked and settled in.

There are a few things that we suggest you do now to make your uni experience and your life at FutureLets that little bit easier:

  1. Complete your inventory form
    It may not be the most exciting task but you'll thank us later. You should have received an email from our inventory managers, make sure you e-sign this email and respond to the inventory report within 24 hours of your arrival! You don't want to be getting charged for things you weren't responsible for...
  2. Sort out your insurance
    FutureLets provide possessions insurance courtesy of Cover4Students so have a look through your policy so you're 100% clear on what it covers. That way you know if you need to buy any extra coverage. 
  3. Sign up to the WiFi
    You don't want to use up all your internet Snapchatting your new room/flat/amazing life do you? Of course not! That's why you need to register for you WiFi - if you didn't do this already in your Accommodation Welcome, you can do so here!
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  4. Get a student bank account
    You may need an overdraft and that's where a student bank account comes in! Look through all the different ones on available and see what works best for you, don't be persuaded by the freebies or whatever your friends are doing...
  5. Budget!
    It's your first shot at managing your own money - so don't go mad. Try set weekly or monthly budgets and stick to it. Include the week AFTER term in your budget too so you're not completely skint on your last week of term and you can afford your train home.
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  6. Register, register, register...
    You'll need to register with a GP - Coventry University's medical centre is based in the Hub so that will be nice and easy. You can register to vote online and register your valuables (laptop, phone, bike) incase they are ever lost or stolen but fingers crossed you'll be fine!
  7. Get a TV Licence
    Even if you are leaving your TV at home, you will need to get at licence if you are watching live or catch-up TV on your laptop, tablet or phone through websites like ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer etc. 
  8. Set up some house rules
    Now that you and your flatmates have got to know each other, why not set up some basic rules? The main thing is keeping the kitchen clean because you don't want a never-ending pile of dirty plates on the side of the sink all term.

If you have any questions then feel free to get in with the FutureLets team. Drop us an email, phone us on 02476 158 158 or pop down and visit us: Charles Ward 145, Priory Street, CV1 5FB

We hope you enjoy your time in Coventry - here's to the best 3 years of your life! 

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